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The winner is SCOSCHE! It is official, they have the best bluetooth headphones on the market. They look great and the sound awsome.

Watch the video. It explains why these headphones are the best. We think it makes sense. They are a speaker company and they have been making car stereos and speakers for decades. Now, they have the best headhpones on the market.

They are worth the investment. Quality always is worth it.

Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones are $199 and worth every penny.

At this point it is important to say that even though Scosche is the winner of the competition, we know that there are other companies who have excellent headphones and they want to have us review them. The biggest benefit is an SEO inbound link from this website. Of course we get free headphones, but we think that Scosche made a bunch of money and we love the headphones.

We just read on the Scosche twitter account that these are the best selling Scosche bluetooth headphones of all time.

So, don't give up. Send us your headphones. Wait, they can't have wires. They must be bluetooth, but send them over and we'll give them an honest reveiw.

Contragulations Scosche. Nice win!


Scosche just posted on their Facebook page that these bluetooth headphones qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

We got FREE SHIPPING last week on these and they are awesome. The range is fantastic. They are a little heavy for me, but I don't wear them all day.